Term Insurance

Of all the insurance policies, term insurance is the most purest and easily affordable insurance policy that can help in the financial protection of families and loved ones in your absence. The term insurance can also fulfil your family’s future needs such as wedding expenses, higher education, critical illness and so on.

At Moneymax, we offer term insurance policies that are specifically designed to meet a specific purpose of protection. You can compare the policies that suit you best before choosing an apt plan that is available in the market.

Marine Insurance

As you would be aware, the sole purpose of Marine Insurance is to provide you with peace of mind while at sea. Marine Insurance covers damage to ship, provides coverage to cargo against any damage, loss or misplacement and even helps cover the life of crew members and others on board.

At Moneymax, we evaluate and analyse your requirement regarding the risks involved and the loss that you would incur in case of any eventuality. We then prepare a checklist and compare the companies and policies to zero in on the plan that suits you best. So, now you can be rest assured of financial stability while the ship is at sea.

Fire Insurance

Don’t let the fear of a fire accident destroy your confidence to carry out your business. A fire has the potential to lead your business into losses of great scale. To get compensated for such losses, you can insure your residential, commercial or industrial property.

At Moneymax, we give you complete clarity on premium payable and claim amount payable on a type of policy that best suits your business operations. We also go the extra mile to document the property and content to simply the assessment process of damaged goods during the fire.

Liability Insurance

We understand that your business, not matter how naïve or thriving, has to operate in uncertain environments. Even the most productive environments have to juggle between different kinds of liabilities, both expected and unexpected.

At Moneymax, we thoroughly investigate and evaluate the kind of risks your business can face and the kind of losses you might have to incur, before we can compare the companies and policies in hand to help you opt for the policy which gives you the best deal.

Guarantee Insurance

Guarantee Insurance policies guarantee that a particular debt issue will be paid if the debt issuer experiences financial difficulties and are issued typically by insurance companies or other large, extremely stable financial companies.

At Moneymax, we carefully analyse the financial constraint you are facing before we can present to you a list of guarantee insurance policies that would not just result in lowering your risks but also result in the best credit rating for your company.

Social Insurance

Social Insurance, as the term goes, is a policy whose risks are transferred to and pooled by an organisation legally required to provide certain benefits. It is ideally a situation where a government entity intervenes in the insurance market to insure or protect a group of individuals against the risk of emergencies.

Moneymax plays the role of an instigator and helps accelerate the process for procuring social insurance policies, such as medicare or mediaid, social security and unemployment insurance.

Life Insurance

Life is uncertain enough. That’s why when it comes to managing the risks that come with life’s eventualities, and to provide the best financial security for your family, you need to rely on an expert.

At Moneymax, we ease the policy choosing process and give you the assurance to take care of your wellbeing and that of your family members, by carefully speculating your financial condition and lifestyle.


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