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" Last year April, I went to Andhra on a routine trip to see my father. Unfortunately he passed away the next day and I had to stay there for next 15 days to complete rituals. Meanwhile I had to pay 4 lacs for my daughter's second year MBA fee. Our loan documents were under process with the help of Moneymax. Understanding the emergency, Moneymax transferred 4 lacs from their personal account which enabled me meet the fee commitment in time. While I was doing my duty as a son, Moneymax helped me fulfil my responsibility as a father. When I came back and got the loan through, I offered to pay interest for the one month period but Moneymax refused. This what I call as going beyond the call of duty. In the process I found a friend in Moneymax. Thanks a lot to the wonderful people at Moneymax for their support.


" Moneymax was helpful beyond words. On July 10th 2016, we got a call from Gateway Media (Hyd) and requested proposal for 3 days shoot in 3 different locations on same date & timings. We needed around 21 different talents and high end equipment. We were ready with our proposal, talents and equipment but in the process we came to know our payment would get cleared only after 3 months. Our in house team consists of 6 members and we needed to pay other 15 talents’ professional charges and equipment rent on a daily basis. I explained the whole process to the experts at Moneymax, who understood our needs, and explained the process with utmost and honest professionalism. They asked us to go head and confirm the shoot. Moneymax helped us with requested loan within 24 hours. By completing three day event we paid all our outsourced talents and vendors' payments on time. On the other hand, we gained trust and confidence of Gateway Media. They went forward and made our company Solomon CAPTURES as their preferred vendor. From July 2016 to July 2017, we have done 32 shoots for Gateway Media. Fast and efficient would be how I describe the Moneymax process. I will recommend them to everyone I know who is in need of financing. Moneymax stands above the rest! Hats off to you guys!! It was pleasure to work with the team at Moneymax.


" Dream of every Indian is to live in their own house... That too to fulfill your parents’ dream is a delight... I wholeheartedly thank Moneymax for giving me the confidence and coming along with me to so many banks to get a loan 3 years back when I was just a new BNI Azurian... I still remember, after purchasing my home I slept on the floor, watching the ceiling of my home, and tears began flowing down my cheeks... Thank you so much Moneymax ... U came from nowhere and helped me...

Shankar Roa

" Moneymax not only arranges loans when I require it for business but most importantly they advise me on how to go about wrt finances of my business. In one case, they gave me the order and also financed it for me to complete it. Moneymax is ever helpful. I feel grateful.


" For all our funding requirements at Anushca Enterprises, Moneymax is just one phone call away and we have always ended up with clear advice backed by perfect execution...thanks Moneymax and team for being our funding specialist.



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